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Job Growth in 2016: Leading and Lagging Markets

Job growth is one of the most important factors to consider when deciding where to invest in multifamily properties. After all, a property owner will only be as successful as his or her tenants.

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Fannie Closes 2015 with $42.3B Multifamily Volume

WASHINGTON – Fannie Mae provided $42.3 billion in financing to the multifamily market in 2015 to support 569,000 units of multifamily housing – of which over 90 percent of the units financed support affordable or workforce housing*.


Samantha Goldberg

Dowell Myers, USC Price Professor of Policy, Planning and Demography, presented his findings on apartment filtering at the 2020 NMHC Annual Meeting in Orlando, FL.

Multifamily market in 2020 overview outlook webinar

"The Keys To More Effective Vendor Management panel at the IMN SFR Forum (West) in Scottsdale, AZ.

panelist discuss SFR financing and bridge real estate financing at IMN SFR west