Fannie Mae’s New Sponsor-Dedicated Workforce (SDW) Housing Product Initiative

As part of its focus on mission-driven lending, Fannie Mae recently introduced a new loan product designed to expand affordability and increase accessibility in communities across the country. The government-sponsored agency’s new Sponsor-Dedicated Workforce (SDW) Housing product provides financing for the creation and preservation of affordable workforce housing in underserved communities without the necessity of government subsidy.


The Leading U.S. Markets for Multifamily Building Permitting in 2023

As borrowing costs rose and rent growth slowed, multifamily developers pulled back the reins in 2023. Nationally, the number of multifamily building permits sank 20.3% last year, according to the latest data from the U.S. Census Bureau. However, there are many metropolitan markets where activity has not slowed. In this deep dive, our research teams show which metros led the nation in multifamily permitting activity in 2023.


Why Generation Z Is Leaning Into the Renting Lifestyle

Now as old as 26, Generation Z is on the cusp of reshaping the rental market as they leave the nest in increasing numbers. In fact, it is the only generation adding rental households, while the amount of millennial renters has already peaked. Gen Z, the first digital natives, is poised to become the most influential demographic in the multifamily rental market.

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