Commercial Bridge Loans: Fast, Flexible Financing for Multifamily Investors

With constantly changing market conditions, investors sometimes need access to capital with flexible terms to improve or secure an asset. Commercial bridge loans are a popular financing tool that provides borrowers with short-term capital for renovations and purchases. They are often the perfect first step in the door to the beginning of a long-term financial partnership.

Current Reports

Single-Family Rental Investment Trends Report Q1 2024

On the heels of a strong 2023, the single-family rental (SFR) sector is positioned to expand even more in 2024. Build-to-rent (BTR) starts ticked up in the third quarter to reach 7.8%, another record high. With occupancy rates stable and lease renewal rent growth above historical averages, SFR has healthy fundamentals that will continue to support growth amid headwinds, Arbor’s Single-Family Rental Investment Trends Report Q1 2024, developed in partnership with Chandan Economics, shows.


U.S. Multifamily Market Snapshot — Q4 2023

The U.S. multifamily market continued to show signs of slowing at the end of 2023, although demand remained robust, with high home prices leading younger generations of higher-income households to choose renting over homeownership.


Arbor Recognized as Top Lender by Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and FHA in 2023

Arbor’s platform of diverse multifamily financing solutions and our strong industry relationships drive us to the top of the multifamily lender rankings year after year. Through decades-long partnerships with Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and FHA, our best-in-class team delivered results for our borrowers in 2023, propelling Arbor to the top of the partner rankings.

Current Reports

Small Multifamily Investment Trends Report Q1 2024

Small multifamily starts the year from a position of strength with normalizing expense ratios and healthy occupancy rates. After demonstrating resiliency amid headwinds, this subsector is ready to capitalize on any positive momentum in the financial markets. Arbor’s Small Multifamily Investment Trends Report Q1 2024, developed in partnership with Chandan Economics, examines and explains the key developments every investor needs to know.

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Our Responsibility

ESG at Arbor

The history and culture of Arbor Realty Trust, Inc. provide a solid foundation for our ESG framework. Our origin is that of a small company with an entrepreneurial spirit and meaningful partnerships with those who align with our investing goals and strategy. While we have grown significantly over the last 25+ years, we have retained that core spirit, which has attracted and allowed us to retain a talented and diverse employee base and continuously reaffirm our commitment to several programs that support ESG, including affordable housing across the United States.

It is indeed the relationships with our employees, counterparties, and clients that inform our business decisions as we move forward, and enable us to clearly see the path to our goals of contributing to sustainability, being profitable, and maximizing shareholder value.

Arbor strives to maintain these fundamental constructs that have brought us great success while realizing those areas in which we can continue to grow and develop as an exemplary corporate citizen.

Our dedication to corporate social responsibility and sustainability is clearly evidenced through some of our recent initiatives, as well as our ongoing commitment to consistent growth when it comes to business ethics and compliance, people and culture, and community outreach.

Defining Arbor's ESG Priorities

We believe the following topics are among the most significant ESG matters for our business and stakeholders.


Climate change and other environmental factors pose risks to our investment portfolio that we must actively manage, and we also recognize our responsibility to operate our business in a manner that limits negative environmental impacts.

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Our social commitment is focused on human capital management, which includes providing resources and support to attract, grow, and retain our exceptional team of professionals, as well as constructively interacting with the communities in which we operate across the United States.

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A solid governance structure is crucial to our long-term success as a real estate finance company, including an effective ethics and compliance program, mindful consideration to information security and privacy concerns, and quality corporate governance processes at the Board level.

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Our Core Values


We are dedicated to providing bespoke financing solution for commercial and multifamily investment opportunities.


To be the best mortgage lender in the commercial and multifamuly space by being a reliable financing source for clients; becoming a front-of-mind choice for all mortgage financing needs.


Innovation, entrepreneurship, loyalty, quality, efficiency, and appreciation.

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ESG Leadership and Oversight

Arbor’s history as a premier provider of commercial and multifamily loans would not have been possible without our commitment to clear and strong corporate governance. This commitment now extends to our governance of ESG matters, including our processes for measuring, disclosing, and reporting ESG metrics. In 2021, we took our first steps towards defining the governance of ESG at Arbor, from our Board of Directors to our senior management. We look forward to continually improving our ESG metrics, learning more about our impact, and making changes for a brighter future.

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