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How Big is Small Cap Multifamily?

A closer look at the multifamily housing inventory in the United States and the size of the small cap investment opportunity.

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Multifamily Forecast: Investors Moving to Secondary Markets

The apartment sector has remained the darling of the commercial real estate for the past six years. This doesn’t appear to be changing anytime soon, as 2016 is expected to set a new record for multifamily mortgage origination volume. While multifamily’s position as top dog remains uncontested, savvy investors are altering their strategy for sourcing Read the full article…


    The ARBOR Team

    Arbor’s team offers our clients decades of multifamily and commercial real estate expertise and experience that has lasted through every market cycle. Our track record of success is only surpassed by the unparalleled customer service and personalization we offer.

Ivan Kaufman
Ivan Kaufman has extensive experience operating a diverse array of real estate finance companies that spans four decades and numerous real estate cycles. He is currently the Founder, Chairman, President and CEO of Arbor Realty Trust (NYSE:ABR), a leading multifamily...
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Executive Team
Paul Elenio
Executive Vice President, Chief Financial Officer
View Profile
John G. Caulfield
Executive Vice President, Chief Operating Officer, Agency Lending
View Profile
John J. Bishar
Executive Vice President, General Counsel
View Profile
Fred Weber
Executive Vice President, Managing Director of Structured Finance & Principal Transactions
View Profile
Gene Kilgore
Executive Vice President, Structured Securitization
View Profile
John Natalone
Executive Vice President, Treasury & Servicing
View Profile
Bonnie Habyan
Executive Vice President, Chief Marketing Officer
View Profile
Frank Lutz
Executive Vice President, Chief Production Officer
View Profile
Howard Leiner
Executive Vice President, Chief Technology Officer
View Profile
Steven Katz
Executive Vice President, Chief Investment Officer, Residential Financing
View Profile
William Connolly
Executive Vice President, Special Counsel
View Profile
Danny van der Reis
Executive Vice President, Structured Asset Management
View Profile
Management Team
Andrew G. Guziewicz
Managing Director, Chief Credit Officer, Structured Finance
View Profile
Frank Maniglia
Managing Director, Agency Lending Operations
View Profile
Daniella Muller
Managing Director, Human Resources and Associate General Counsel
View Profile
Gianni Ottaviano
Managing Director, Structured Finance Production
View Profile
Peter Reisert
Managing Director, Capital Markets, Agency Lending
View Profile
Tony Ruberg
Managing Director, Senior Housing and Healthcare Finance
View Profile
Senior Team
Jeffrey Allshouse
Senior Vice President, FHA Sales
View Profile
Garth Davis
Senior Vice President and Western Regional Director
View Profile
Daniel Dershowitz
Senior Vice President, Transactions
View Profile
Gary DeSimone
Senior Vice President, Finance
View Profile
Ken Dowling
Senior Vice President, Capital Markets
View Profile
Maria Elefante
Senior Vice President, Treasury
View Profile
Ken Fazio
Senior Vice President, Sales Management, Agency Lending
View Profile
RoseElla Frankiewich
Senior Vice President, Servicing Operations
View Profile
Andrew Georgiades
Senior Vice President, Digital Strategy
View Profile
Annette Givelekian
Senior Vice President, Human Resources
View Profile
Joan Gredys
Senior Vice President, Corporate Facilities
View Profile
Peter Kempton
Senior Vice President, Talent Acquisition
View Profile
Reza Khan
Senior Vice President, Business Strategy and Planning
View Profile
David Lovullo
Senior Vice President, Agency Asset Management
View Profile
Bill O’Brien
Senior Vice President, Agency Production
View Profile
Dustin Pevear
Senior Vice President, Agency Lending Operations
View Profile
Giulio Rana
Senior Vice President, Structured Finance
View Profile
John Richardson
Senior Vice President, Senior Deputy Chief Underwriter, Agency Lending
View Profile
Thomas Ridings
Senior Vice President, Chief Accounting Officer
View Profile
Jeffrey Ross
Senior Vice President, Chief Underwriter for FHA Lending
View Profile
Louis Sarube
Senior Vice President, Structured Asset Management
View Profile
Brian Sheehan
Senior Vice President, Credit Risk Management
View Profile
Alexander Stangle
Senior Vice President, Portfolio Retention
View Profile
Alan Steinmetz
General Counsel, Agency Lending
View Profile
Ramandeep Walia
Senior Vice President, Solutions Delivery
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