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Job Growth in 2016: Leading and Lagging Markets

Job growth is one of the most important factors to consider when deciding where to invest in multifamily properties. After all, a property owner will only be as successful as his or her tenants.

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Fannie Closes 2015 with $42.3B Multifamily Volume

WASHINGTON – Fannie Mae provided $42.3 billion in financing to the multifamily market in 2015 to support 569,000 units of multifamily housing – of which over 90 percent of the units financed support affordable or workforce housing*.


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Dorado Plaza Apartments

San Diego, CA
Fannie Mae DUS $10M+

Concord View Townhomes

Concord, NC
Freddie Mac Conventional $10M+

Stonegate Apartments

Newington, CT
Arbor Private Label $5-10M

Wright Park Court Apartments

Tacoma, WA
Freddie Mac SBL $1-5M

Meadowbrook Apartments

Hudson, IA
Fannie Mae Small Loan $5-10M

The Park at Morella

Union City, GA
Freddie Mac Conventional $10M+

Copperstone Apartments

Carlsbad, NM
Fannie Mae DUS $10M+


Fort Wayne, IN
Arbor Private Label $5-10M

Seven Gables Apartments

Portland, OR
Freddie Mac SBL $1-5M

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