Arbor’s Special Report Spring 2023

The rental housing sector is well-insulated but not immune to market forces even as the economy edges into correction territory, Arbor Chairman and CEO Ivan Kaufman and Chandan Economics Founder Sam Chandan demonstrate in the findings of Arbor’s Special Report Spring 2023.


Renting On Credit: New Platforms Modernize Monthly Multifamily Transactions

Until recently, full-scale optimization has skipped over the basic monthly rental payment transaction, with 78% of more than 100 million renters using paper checks. But now, two programs, backed by global leaders in financial services, are incentivizing tenants to pay the rent on credit, with perks like automatic credit reporting and points towards future purchases.


Top Markets for Renters Under 30

Renters 30 years of age and under, who now make up slightly more than one-quarter of the heads of households of rental units, are bolstering housing demand in markets known for their affordability and livability.


Five Benefits of Making Multifamily Investing Part of Your Portfolio

Multifamily investing involves the purchasing of properties with rentable housing units. In these types of investments, a group of investors often works together to mitigate costs, split profit shares, and reduce risk. Multifamily properties include apartment complexes, condo buildings, and townhouses, among other property types. When investing in multifamily properties is researched and undertaken prudently, it can generate steady and reliable income streams in all economic cycles.


Arbor’s Top Articles of 2022: A Banner Year for Multifamily

After taking a pause during the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic, the U.S. multifamily market experienced a banner year in 2022. Throughout the year, Arbor continued to provide unique research and insights into our markets. Here’s a look at our top Arbor research articles from 2022, in case you missed them.


Where is the Multifamily Market?

As we move into 2023, all eyes will once again be on the Federal Reserve, the job market, and the housing market. Investors who are in a good position going into the correction will be able to take advantage of opportunities.


Who is Making Single-Family Rentals the New Starter Homes of Choice?

Driven by cyclical, demographic, and technological factors, the single-family rental (SFR) sector has matured over the past decade. The once-fragmented industry has both coalesced and professionalized. While the evolution of the SFR sector has been explored at length, a clear picture of its core set of tenants is just now coming into focus.


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Single-Family Rental Q2 2022

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