Single-Family Rental Investment Snapshot — Q4 2022

SFR will maintain exposure to the cyclical disruption brought on by the housing market’s softness and rising interest rates, even though its structural growth outlook remains positive and unchanged.


Arbor Achieves Top Rankings from Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac in 2022

Arbor is grateful for our long-time partnerships with Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac that have allowed us to achieve top lender status across multiple loan products year in and year out. Our best-in-class multifamily financing solutions have once again propelled Arbor to the top of 2022’s partner rankings.


SFR Construction Starts Hit a Record High in 2022

Even as some developers have pumped the brakes on single-family construction, construction starts of single-family rental (SFR) units soared to a new record high in 2022 — a signal that demographic and structural tailwinds continue to outweigh cyclic recessionary headwinds.


Top U.S. Multifamily Rent Growth Markets — Q4 2022

While housing migration and rental demand over the last few years have been dominated by more affordable Sun Belt markets, a more diverse selection of markets comprised the top rent growth list for 2022.


Multifamily Construction Starts Hit 36-Year High in 2022

Even as the economy’s momentum slowed in 2022, multifamily construction continued to ramp up, reaching highs not seen since the 1980s. As the number of new units increased rapidly last year, the multifamily sector’s share of all new residential construction also expanded to make up more than one-third of all starts.

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Single-Family Rental Investment Trends Report Q4 2022

The outlook for the single-family rental (SFR) sector continues to be upbeat even as rent growth cools nationally. Build-to-rent (BTR) communities have been expanding their footholds in neighborhoods across the U.S. These starts hit a new record high as rental demand has risen from would-be home buyers priced out of ownership by high interest rates.


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