Q: What is the Arbor Small Multifamily Price Index (ASMPI)? A: The ASMPI estimates the average price appreciation for small multifamily properties on a quarterly basis, by comparing small multifamily cap rates and small multifamily rents.   Q: What is an index? A: • An index starts with an assigned base, then increases or decreases with the change in value. In the case of the ASMPI, a base value of 100.0 is assigned to Q1 2000. • For example, if the ASMPI stood at 100, then increased 5.0% during the quarter, the new value would be 105. Likewise, if the index decreased 5.0%, the new value would be 95. • Other frequently used indices in the real estate industry include the S&P CoreLogic Case-Shiller Home Price Index and the Consumer Price Index.   Q: What is the purpose of the ASMPI? A: • Given the lack of affordable rental housing supply to meet the robust demand, the index’s quarterly data provides insights on potential investment opportunities in the property sector. • The index fills an important need in the marketplace Read the full article…


Video: U.S. Labor Market Trends (Part 4)

In the fourth installment of this new video series from Arbor and Chandan Economics, we take a look at which sectors are facing challenges finding qualified employees and how this impacts the multifamily sector.

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