Single-Family Renters: Identifying an Evolving Demographic

As the single-family rental (SFR) investment market matures, a clearer picture of its typical renter has begun to come into focus. On December 5 at IMN’s 11th Annual Single Family Rental Forum (West), a group of industry leaders, including Arbor’s Tres Seippel, Director, Construction Management, explored how demographic trends have influenced the rise in popularity of single-family rental homes.

Q3 2020 Small Multifamily Investment Trends Report

Q2 2020 Small Multifamily Investment Trends Report Small Multifamily Weathers the Storm   TAKE THE PDF WITH YOU Table of Contents Key Findings: Small multifamily prices fell 5.6% from a year ago. Cap rates held steady as risk-free rates fell. Small multifamily LTVs dropped by 360 bps from the prior quarter. Table of Contents: State of the Multifamily Market Lending Volume of Multifamily Loans Arbor Small Multifamily Price Index Cap Rates & Spreads Leverage and Debt Yields Multifamily Market Outlook Key Findings: Small multifamily prices fell 5.6% from a year ago. Cap rates held steady as risk-free rates fell. Small multifamily LTVs dropped by 360 bps from the prior quarter. State of the Multifamily Market When the Nobel Committee meets this year to decide who has made the most meaningful contributions to the field of economics, they might as well give the honor to the epidemiologists. Right now, those experts are providing key indicators of the future of  markets throughout the world shaped by the course of the COVID-19 pandemic. Disorganized and inconsistent reopenings in the U.S. economy have fanned Read the full article…


Why Rising Apartment Vacancy Rates are Not Here to Stay

Although they remain near historical lows, apartment vacancy rates in the U.S. have begun to climb. However, this recent reversal may be a temporary trend, driven by renter satisfaction and a slowdown in the pace of new construction.

Press Releases

Arbor Realty Trust Announces an Increase of its Share Repurchase Program to $150 Million

UNIONDALE, NEW YORK – December 11, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Arbor Realty Trust (NYSE: ABR), today announced that its Board of Directors has approved an increase to the Company’s share repurchase program authorizing the Company to repurchase up to $150 million of its outstanding common stock. The share repurchase program allows shares to be repurchased at management’s discretion from time to time in the open market, through privately negotiated transactions or otherwise in compliance with Rule 10b-18 and Rule 10b5-1 under the Securities Exchange Act of 1934. The share repurchase program also permits the Company to establish Rule 10b5-1 trading plans to repurchase its outstanding shares at times when it might otherwise be prevented from doing so. This share repurchase program does not obligate the Company to acquire any particular amount of its outstanding shares and the timing and exact amount of repurchases will depend on various factors, including the performance of the Company’s stock price, general market and other conditions, applicable legal requirements and other factors. This share repurchase program has no time limit and may be suspended, modified Read the full article…

Current Reports

Single-Family Rental Investment Trends Report Q4 2023

Arbor’s Single-Family Rental Investment Trends Report Q4 2023, developed in partnership with Chandan Economics, explores a multifamily sector ending the year on a high note as demand climbs for quality single-family rental (SFR) homes. Even with interest rates high, more shovels went in the ground for SFR projects, increasing build-to-rent (BTR) construction’s market share to a new peak. In the third quarter, SFR’s robust rent collections and retreating cap rates also demonstrated the sector’s continued resiliency amid economic dislocation.

Press Releases

Arbor’s Servicer Ratings Affirmed and Positive Outlook Rating Assigned by Fitch

Fitch Ratings Recognizes Arbor’s Commitment to Excellence and Innovation Arbor Realty Trust (NYSE:ABR) NEW YORK, NEW YORK – November 29, 2023: Fitch Ratings has reaffirmed Arbor Multifamily Lending, LLC’s (Arbor) commercial primary and special servicer ratings, further solidifying Arbor’s position as a trusted partner in the multifamily lending industry. Concurrently, they have assigned a Positive Outlook to each rating, reflecting an unwavering commitment to excellence and innovation. Commercial primary servicer rating at ‘CPS2’; Outlook Positive; Commercial special servicer rating at ‘CSS3+’; Outlook Positive. “The assignment of the Positive Outlook reflects Fitch’s 12–24 month view on the trajectory of Arbor’s primary servicer rating, noting that as the new borrower website is fully realized and deployed and turnover within the primary servicing function continues to stabilize, positive rating movement is possible.” – Fitch Ratings Read more from Fitch about the key rating drivers behind this announcement. Direct inquiries to [email protected]. About Arbor Arbor Realty Trust, Inc. (NYSE: ABR) is a nationwide real estate investment trust and direct lender, providing loan origination and servicing for multifamily, single-family rental (SFR) portfolios, and other diverse commercial Read the full article…

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