Q4 2019 Small Multifamily Investment Trends Report

Year-end 2019 estimates for small multifamily lending volume reached $59.2 billion, beating the prior quarter’s forecast by $1.4 billion and marking the highest level of activity in Chandan Economic’s post-crisis model estimates. Download the Q4 report for key insights on the small multifamily market.


Sizing Up America’s Workforce Renter Households

An estimated 31.2 million households, or 28% of total U.S. households, fell within the workforce segment by year-end 2018. Forty percent of workforce households, or around 12.4 million, are renters.


Q4 2019 Single-Family Rental Investment Trends Report

Over the past decade, the market for single-family rentals (SFRs) has evolved. In a few years, we will likely look back and consider 2019 to be the sector’s inflection point, where it transitioned from a niche, alternative asset class to a mainstream property type. For exclusive insights on the SFR market, read our fourth-quarter 2019 report.


Millennials Dominate Rental Demand as Gen Z Looms

Multifamily rental demand is undergoing a multi-generational transformation. While millennials still form the dominant share of renters in the U.S., Gen Z’s impact is growing and will only continue to increase in the years ahead.


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