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Research Reports Affordable Housing Trends from Arbor & Chandan Economics Subscribe now to have our research reports sent right to your inbox. Subscribe to Arbor Research Our Affordable Housing Trends series examines the complex, yet critically important, affordable and workforce housing sectors. Published twice annually, these reports closely monitor key developments in the affordable housing market. Backed by proprietary research and analysis, our Affordable Housing Trends Reports enable investors, owners, developers, and other industry stakeholders to gain a clearer picture of the major trends currently shaping the sector. Affordable Housing Archives Share:


Arbor’s Project Destined Mentors Train Tomorrow’s Real Estate Leaders

Founded in 2017, Project Destined has a mission to transform underrepresented young people into owners and stakeholders in their own communities. Today, it works with more than 2,500 students per year from over 350,000 colleges, universities, and high schools in more than 35 markets across the U.S., Europe, and Canada. Through its internship programs, Project Destined molds the next generation of real estate leaders by giving them an opportunity to directly interact with today’s leaders. For the last two years, Arbor employees have volunteered with Project Destined and received much more in return than they ever would have expected.

Affordable Housing Trends Report Spring 2023

Funding and Support Flow to Affordable Sector as Investor Interest Grows Even with concerted public and private initiatives, the affordable housing shortage has persisted in cities and communities across the U.S. As calls for change grow louder, new funding streams for Federal programs, like Housing Choice Voucher and Low-Income Housing Tax Credit, aim to encourage more investment in affordable housing to expand supply nationwide.   Arbor’s Affordable Housing Trends Report Spring 2023, developed in partnership with Chandan Economics, analyzes the challenges and assesses the outlook of a sector that has gained more investor attention amid growing economic headwinds.   Complete the form to instantly access the full report!

Latest Research Reports

Research Reports Industry-Leading Insights from Arbor & Chandan Economics Subscribe now to have our research reports sent right to your inbox. Subscribe to Arbor Research Arbor Realty Trust, in partnership with Chandan Economics, publishes industry-leading research reports focused on multifamily and single-family real estate investing. With timely research and key insights, we provide thought leadership that empowers investors and developers to make more profitable financial decisions. Latest Reports Share:


Freddie Mac Green Advantage’s New Terms Improve Pricing and Widen Eligibility

A new update to Freddie Mac Green Advantage®, an attractive loan program in a rising interest rate environment, has added new incentives to going green to more multifamily borrowers than ever before. Freddie Mac recently announced a 15 bps pricing benefit to borrowers on top of any affordability benefits currently offered. At the same time, all previous affordability requirements were lifted, opening to door to more investors seeking to improve the sustainability of our communities.


Arbor’s Leah Fisher Honored for Long Island Philanthropic Work

Arbor Senior Vice President, Special Projects, Governance and Risk, Leah Fisher was the 2023 sole honoree at the second annual Family & Children’s Association (FCA) Long Island Women in Philanthropy breakfast and fashion show on March 30 at The Mansion at Oyster Bay in Woodbury, New York. Ms. Fisher gave a keynote speech at the event that encouraged attendees to get involved in their communities.

Unfunded Forward Commitment

FANNIE MAE® Unfunded Forward Commitment   Arbor offers an unfunded forward commitment to issue an MBS upon completion of construction and conversion to a permanent mortgage loan for multifamily affordable properties. The MBS as Collateral for Tax-exempt Bonds (M.TEB) execution is an available option for 4% LIHTC transactions.   BENEFITS Protection from interest rate volatility by locking the interest rate and other key provisions prior to construction Single asset security allows for customized loan structures Certainty and speed of execution M.TEB execution offers reimbursement of certain Costs of Issuance up to 75 bps ELIGIBILITY LIHTC new construction and properties undergoing substantial rehabilitation, including preservation and rural transactions Lenders approved to deliver forward commitments under Fannie Mae’s Affordable Housing product line INTEREST RATE 9% LIHTC: Fixed Rate 4% LIHTC: Fixed or Variable Rate GOOD FAITH DEPOSIT 1% of the loan amount, due at issuance of the Forward Commitment, refundable upon conversion FORWARD RATE LOCK 24 to 36- month commitments; one delegated six-month extension available FORWARD STANDARD FEE 9% LIHTC: 10 bps paid upfront prior to rate lock. 4% LIHTC: 15 bps Read the full article…


Aging Baby Boomers Reshape the Housing Market

While the 2008 financial crisis prompted a cyclical shift in U.S. housing — impacting everything from home prices to who can qualify for a mortgage — an equally impactful demographic change was just taking shape. The unprecedented wave of Baby Boomers that began retiring would disrupt the balance of the housing market.

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